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Used Ford B Series Engine

Ford is a U.S. multinational automobile manufacturer. Henry Ford founded and incorporated the company in June 1903. They market automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford banner. In addition, they sell luxury cars under the Lincoln banner. Besides, they have a third of stakes at Jiangling Motors. Used Ford engines are relevant today in multiple automotive markets. Also, they have multiple joint ventures in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey. Controlled by the Ford family, their company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Albeit not having controlling ownership interest, they gain that majority of voting power. Hence, used Ford B Series engine is pushed all over the world.

Ford B Series

Ford manufactured the B Series of bus chassis, spanning across six generations from 1948 to 1998. It is a variant of the medium-duty Ford F series. Primarily used for school bus applications in North America, Ford exported the chassis worldwide. Other manufacturers used this chassis for a variety of applications. It replaced the 1941 Ford Truck Chassis and was in turn, replaced by Blue Bord Vision. It is closely related to the Ford F Series. Its cowled chassis is coupled with a 4x2 layout.

First Generation

The first generation went into production from 1948 to 1953. This gasoline engine is mated with either a 3-speed manual or a 4-speed manual transmission. It offered two engine options - Rogue I6 and Flathead V8. The Rogue I6 ordered an engine displacement of 3.7 - 4.2 L. The Flathead V8 side-valve offered an engine displacement of 3.9 L. Sharing engines with the F5 and F6, the Rogue I6 produced 95 horses and the Flathead V8 produced 100 horses respectively.

Second Generation

The second generation went into production from 1953 to 1956. It offered a range of engines from 3.5 L OHV I6 (1953) to 3.9 L Flathead V8 (1953). 3.7 L OHV Mileage Maker I6 (1954–1956), 3.9 L) Ford Y-Block OHV V8 (1954–1955) and 3.9 L Ford Y-Block OHV V8 (1954–1955). This generation coincided with the 50th anniversary year of Ford. It was when Ford decided to redesign their new B OO designations. With a refreshed look, the B series dominated the U.S. roads at the time.

Third Generation

The third generation went into production from 1957 to 1960. It used the mileage maker, Ford Y block V8, and Lincoln Y block V7. The Ford Mileage Maker inline-6 offered an engine displacement of 3.7 L. The Ford Y Block V8 offered 4.5 L in 1957. Later, they boosted their engine displacement to 4.8 L from 1958 to 1960. Additionally, the Lincoln Y block V8 offered an engine displacement of 4.9 L. The 1958 models got the revamped grille and quad headlamps.

Fourth Generation

The fourth generation went into production from 1961 to 1966. This generation is the last B series to use the same front fascia as light-duty trucks. It has a newly designed front grill. It offered 8 different engine combinations - 4.3 L Ford inline-6 (1961–1964), 4.8 L) Ford Y-Block V8 (1961–1963), 5.4 L Ford FT V8 (1964–1966), 5.9 L) Ford FT V8 (1964–1966), 6.4 L Ford FT V8 (1964–1966), 3.9 L Ford 240 inline-6 (1965–1966) and 4.9 L) Ford 300 I6 (1965–1966).

Fifth Generation

The fifth generation went into production from 1961 to 1955. It offered a range of engines across variants - 4.3 L Ford inline-6 (1961–1964), 4.8 L Ford Y-Block V8 (1961–1963), 5.4 L) Ford FT V8 (1964–1966), 5.9 L Ford FT V8 (1964–1966), 6.4 L Ford FT V8 (1964–1966), 3.9 L Ford 240 inline-6 (1965–1966) and Ford 300 inline-6 (1965–1966).

Sixth Generation

The sixth generation engine offered a gasoline V8 engine with engine displacement of either 6.1 L or 7.0 L. Additionally, they offered five different diesel options.

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