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More often than not, every car starts acting up over years of being on the road. It could most likely be due to a faulty engine. There are a few signs which give it away. Before we go under the hood, check for leakages or puddles in your parking space. Also, look for signs on your car dashboard indicating engine issues. Then, check for black or white smoke coming from the tailpipe or exhaust, since they are signs of a faulty engine. Additionally, if you notice uneven RPM rates when at a standstill, this could be a sign of engine failure too. Before your engine fails, it's time to act upon it. In case of potential engine failure, you are left with two options - service the engine or in case of irreparable damage, replace it.

Why opt for used car engine?

It's pretty much the norm to be faced with the dilemma of choosing between brand-new and used car engines. On the surface, it looks only about the cost difference. Though price points play a major role, it isn't all. Used vehicle engines are more affordable, with much lower upfront investment. Even in the long run, they do cost very less in maintenance. In case of newer engines, you end up paying easily over your expectations. You must make changes to the filters, which incur costs, not characteristic of used engines. Besides cost benefits, there are several unnoticed advantages to opting for an older engine. Let's look more into how used engines restore your car to its past glory.

FREE and Fast Delivery in all of USA
FREE and Fast Delivery in all of USA
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Up to 36 Month Warranty on all Purchased Items
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Safe and Secure Payment System

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About Our Used Engine

What makes our hand-picked engines stand apart is reliability. We put utmost emphasis on eliminating potential downtimes. Downtimes during critical junctures can prove costly. Our engineers inspect the procured stock for all possible issues. Through thorough inspection and our depth-to-detail approach, we ensure an internal inspection of the engine. In addition, our team checks on the age claim for the engine by matching things up with how the engine shows itself. Also, we correlated with records furbished by authorized automobile service centers. We leave no stone unturned in the inspection process.

Our catalog encompasses all kinds of gasoline and diesel engines from the US and other automakers - Ford, Toyota, Nissan, you name it. We focus on every possible application from day-to-day usage to racing on tracks. Hence, we pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop to buy used engines for any make and model running in the US. Tying up with over 500+ junkyards, we have the inventory and resources to ship to all sorts of requirements in 50 states. All you need to do is call our support team or hit a few clicks on our website to resolve your car problem. We strive to provide you with the privilege of sorting things out from the comfort of your couch.

About Our Engine

OUR Engine


All Engine covered by standard 90 days warranty

Extended warranty

Another unnoticed benefit to buying a used Engine is the extended warranties. At Turbo Autoparts, we provide you with a free 9-month warranty. You can also upgrade for a 36-month warranty. In reality, we will be providing a free replacement, if in the unlikely case, the used Engine fails. That is the sort of warranties you get only with used Engine purchases. In addition, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee, when our Engine fails. In addition to extended warranties, you also enjoy extended service coverage while purchasing a used car Engine.

On the 'Find Used Autoparts', you enter the make, model, year, and other options and search for the perfect Engine that suits you. You can find a list of matching Engines and pick one among them. You can complete your purchase through the website or by calling us at +1 888-378-8882. We will then take over and deliver the Engine to your doorstep. It's fast delivery for all and a FREE one too for commercial addresses. That's how we eliminate the extra costs and downtime damages, you may incur otherwise. Purchasing a used car Engine has never been simpler before.

More reliable

When it comes to reliability, used old engines win hands down over brand-new engines. Older ones are tried and tested engines, on real-life tracks and conditions. Moreover, they have been on the road, off the road, and even on race tracks. Already in their full potential, they are calibrated for awesomeness by our engineers. In addition, our experts work out the mileage, design, performance issues and other due diligence. We have got all of these factors covered for you. When making a major purchase like a car engine, it is great knowing that your rig is dependable. Besides, that's where used engines score the most.

More Reliable
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Hassle Free
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The new engine needs a lot more associated activities than you could imagine. There is a lot more paperwork and garage work that needs to be done too. Nonetheless, the testing of the new engine practically happens on your car. Experiencing costly downtimes during critical junctures is a real prospect. Getting a suitable mechanic to install it and to service it is no easy job. Besides the additional costs, the troubles with new engines are what bugs you the most.


Going green is the only way to show gratitude to our local geography. Buying a used engine cuts back on the amount of landfill. By doing so, we are not adding to the exponentially growing waste stream. The trend of buying used engines cuts back on the amount of energy utilized in producing things anew. Furthermore, it drastically lowers the levels of greenhouse gas emissions, that linger in our natural ecosystem. Moreover, you are contributing to the system of recycling engines. If you opt out of buying a new car, you are effectively preventing a used and functional engine and an entire car from going to the landfill.

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Easy maintenance

Used car motors suit the expectations of the masses. They require very little preparation before putting to use again. Our engineers check the quality standards of the engine and associated parts. They help you figure out the best engine for your make and model. Lastly, we instruct on the changes you need to take from your end as well. Local mechanics find it easy to work with used old engines, as it is more in line with existing systems. Easy maintenance reflects low costs incurred in the long run. Right from purchase, the cost difference ratio between new and used engines remains a whopping 10 to 1.

Why us?

  • team

    Mechanical team

    One of the hard-hitting advantages you enjoy with us is our all-advanced technical team. It is comprised of experienced engineers and industry experts. They can detect issues from far away and bring solutions to even the seemingly impossible problems. They are the ones who internally inspect the engine over rigorous testing and calibrate it for smoother tons of miles on the road. Their work is immense in bringing down the costs for us and our customers. They refrain from suggesting the customers replace a whole of parts, which is again a decisive advantage for the customer. Our engineers look to what is needed to get the whip going. With a combined tons of years of experience, they know what works and what doesn't.

    Our technical team consisting of engineers and experts will guide you throughout the order. We never hesitate one bit to take up post-purchase queries. Even within the pre-purchase process, a lot goes into quality testing of the engine. We inspect how much the rig has taken in and how healthy it is, as of now. Our team put in the needed work to upgrade the engine to its optimal capacity. On top of that, we take as much information about the conditions of your car, as before we suggest the changes. Besides guiding you on the order, our team is available on call to help with the later process. The technical experts suggest the best practices for easy maintenance of the car after the replacement of the engine. With our team, you afford to relax and not fret.

  • customer support

    Customer service

    A vital component of the quartet of our awesomeness is our customer service. They work round the clock to make ordering used engines simple for you. They are here to guide you through the purchase process and claim warranties. You get a free 9-month warranty on all of our products and you can upgrade it for a paid 36-month warranty. For it's super-low cost, the three-year warranty is a steal. Our customer care representatives guide you on how to claim free and low-cost warranties. Even for not a so internet savvy car owner, our customer helpline will make the process straightforward. Our agents will walk you through the best deals that are currently available to you. In addition, they deal swiftly with orders, cashback, and feedback.

    With every automaker's engine featured in our platform resulting in an intimidating large catalog, the search feature makes it easy for you. Even when it returns a plethora of killer deals, our customer representatives are one call away. Parsing through our collections of the cheapest of deals at Turbo Autoparts involves some delightful efforts nonetheless. Our team helps with purchases, tracking delivery, applying warranties, and registering feedback. We work to make purchases simple and offer you a terrific sales experience. Our customer care representatives keep response time to the lowest humanly possible time to keep you comfortable. We ensure you don't purchase a part less or part more and get the right ones that suit your requirements.

  • replacemtn item

    Replacement process

    Tying up with over 500 junkyards nationwide, we are your largest repository of used car engines in the U.S. We are in touch with recyclers and auto part suppliers as well. The latter helps with calibrating used car parts to their best seamlessly. Before we sell used car engines or any of the car parts, our quality experts test the working conditions. They also check for its suitability with your make and model.

    Most of the process results can be felt in our advanced and effective search feature. The search features take in as many essential, but not long and bothersome details to provide the best fit. Shopping and searching can happen 24 x 7 on our website, irrespective of time zone. Besides used car engines, we also have parts and the whole of drive train, power train among others. All of these deals come at super-low cost thanks to our tie-ups and trimming of requirements.

    Once you have placed an order, we ensure super-fast delivery. All goods go through stringent quality assurance testing. We ensure the right delivery according to your requirements. Replacement and maintenance instructions will be provided by our experts over the call. In the unlikely case of issues propping up after replacement, our money-back guarantee covers the risk. We cover all ends to make car engine replacement as simple as flipping a burger. We aim to transform this industry by providing a seamless experience for the end customer. At the end of every replacement, we emphasized quality checks and customer experience. Our synchronously interconnected, yet humungous infrastructure reflects in easily achieving our goals. Our client reviews and testimonials are standing proof of our unparalleled service in the car engine replacement industry.

  • flat ship

    Free and fast shipping

    Delivery to commercial addresses in all 50 states of the USA is entirely FREE. For residential and liftgate services, you need to bear the shipping fee. Regardless, we ensure blitzing speeds in both types of deliveries. The engine and parts will reach your doorsteps within 3-5 working days. Once you receive your items, it's time to apply for warranties. Our customer service representatives will assist you in the process. You can either opt for a free-of-cost 9-month warranty or upgrade for a whopping 3-year warranty. These extended warranties make life easy for car owners in the long term. Easy ordering process and fast deliveries are what define our delivery processing system. With Turbo Autoparts, there is no waiting period.

    Besides the quartet of our best and unique features, there are plenty more reasons to choose us. Starting with our humongous catalog being sourced from over 500 junkyards nationwide, the rest of the process is a cakewalk. Offering killer pricing on deals and seamless and quick delivery is just proving the notion. On the back of our team of experts and engineers, the norm of uncertainty in older engines is reversed. The older and used engines prove more reliable than even brand-new ones. Approved used vehicle parts offer you a refined driving experience for years to come. The cherry on the top is unbelievably low pricing, coming from deals, our experts trimming down requirements of replacing interconnected parts, and our no-cost shipping to commercial addresses. Our online payment system is constantly updated to the newest & advanced security standards.


  • Is it good to buy used car engines?

    It is not just good, it's great. We have listed the many reasons in previous sections. It is a cost-effective, reliable, and eco-friendly option. In the short and the long run, it makes life easy for customers regarding costs, maintenance, troubleshooting, and servicing.

    Why should I buy used engines at Turbo Autoparts?

    At Turbo Autoparts, we inspect every engine for quality assurance. We crosscheck the age claims with official records and how the engine shows for itself. Our engineers run various tests to check performance and reliability. We fix what's best and discard the rest.

    Will I get the perfect used car engine for my car?

    Thanks to our tie-ups with over 500 junkyards nationwide and the resulting massive inventory, it's impossible to not find your perfect engine with us. Our experts help you get the best deals and the right fit according to the make, model, and condition of your car.

  • How long do used car engines last?

    The ones handpicked by our team easily offer over 150,,000 miles and more. We provide you with the instructions relating to installing and maintenance of engines. In rare cases of failure within the warranty period, we offer a 100% free replacement too.

    How can I complete my purchase?

    You can search for used engines and parts for your car by entering the make and model. Choose between the best deals available for you. Our customer care executive will help you with processing the order. Moreover, our payment system is the most robust and secure on the net.

    When will the engine reach my doorstep?

    Within 3-5 working days, we will deliver the used car engine to your doorsteps. Our shipping costs are nominal for residential addresses. For commercial addresses, we offer entirely FREE and fast shipping. Our delivery system is the fastest in the US auto industry.

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Akeishia Newberry

A week ago

Purchased an engine March 2024, and everything is going great. Also great customer service. My engine was shipped and installed all in one week. Thank you Joe!!


Aaron Remaley

1 month ago

They took the headache out of rebuilding our motor for us. Joe did a great job.


Lucent Josephl

5 month's ago

I was nervous to buy an engine on line. I've heard a lot of bad stories but they got me a beautiful Infiniti qx80 engine in a timely manner and it's running great. I would use them again.


Jose Castillo

A week ago

Great customer service!! Good prices!! And very quick response! My new favorite place for parts!