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Used Transmission

An often unseen yet essential component of your car is the transmission. It alone shifts gears on your car and transfers power from the engine to the wheels.

However, a failed transmission often goes unnoticed by the car owner. Nevertheless, there are a few telltale signs that give it right away. The key is to keep looking!!!

In the case of a failed transmission, you can purchase a low cost reliable used car transmission on our website.

Use our AI-powered advanced search feature to find the best-used vehicle transmission for your make and model.

On the back end we have our team of engineers and experts handpick the best of transmissions for our customers.

On the front end, our customer care representatives help you with the purchase and choose the transmission best suited to the condition of your car.

Buying used car transmissions has never been more easily, and more precise in the online or offline auto industry.

Purchase used car transmission at Turbo Autoparts today!!!

At Turbo Autoparts, we have made purchasing used car transmissions easy, safe, and efficient. There are tons of eBay resellers, who are there to make quick bucks without giving due diligence to stocks purchased. Other websites want to rip off the customers as much as they can. We, on the other hand, strive to get you the best of deals, in terms of price and quality. Thanks to our tie-ups with over 500 junkyards nationwide, it's a walk in the park. Our team of engineers and experts conduct thorough internal inspections of the transmissions in our inventory to safeguard your interests.

The testing and stocking process standards we adhere to are unparalleled in this industry. We do not hesitate for a second to discard faulty transmissions with the sole aim of meeting quality standards. We do not compromise even an inch of damage when it comes to quality. Similarly, our administration takes care of free and safe delivery of the product to your doorstep. Our technical team helps with installation instructions and maintenance tips. The customer care representatives help with applying for warranties as soon as the delivery is done. Our system makes life easy for you, starting from the easy search option.

Do not risk driving with a slippery or faulting car transmission, for it risks the safety of your car, you, and your loved ones.

In case of irreparable working conditions of your transmission, opt to replace it with another used transmission calibrated for awesomeness.

Let your car hit the road again and run smoothly to revive its past glory. Your replacement is only a call or a few clicks away.

Fill in your make, model, and other deals, and find the best deals that suit you. Receive your replacement within 3-5 working days.

FREE and Fast Delivery in all of USA
FREE and Fast Delivery in all of USA
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Up to 36 Month Warranty on all Purchased Items
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Safe and Secure Payment System

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When to change transmission?

Now, let's get to signs of faulty transmissions and later to the dangers of continuing with it. Firstly, when your car starts to shift hard on the road, your transmission is probably going off. It can be felt with rattling, shaking, and clunking noise in the car. You may notice delayed engagement or find it hard to shift your gears from P to D. Secondly, when you start feeling like something hit you from the rear end of the car whenever coming to a standstill that's a sure sign, that your transmission is acting up. Hearing such thuds when stopping your car is not just some minor repair. Thirdly, when you notice RPM taking a ride even when your car doesn't go very fast, the transmission has become slippery.

To put it in simple words, the transmission has stopped effectively transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Finally, as part of the double-checking process, check whether transmission oil is at healthy levels, before blaming it on the transmissions. Besides these simple steps, also look for the formation of puddles in your parking space. Transmissions require fluids and regular maintenance, but sometimes a complete swap. More importantly, a car owner has to be aware of the risks associated with faulty transmission.

When To Change Transmission

Dangers of faulty transmissions

Slipping gears is not something you can ignore about your vehicle. It makes your driving experience horrible and unsafe. For starters, repairs that go unnoticed may cost you an entire replacement. In addition, the transmission may ruin a few more of the interconnected components in your car. In the worst case, it may completely go out while driving and put your life at risk. Besides the financial implications to follow, faulty transmissions put you and your loved ones in grave danger. Even in milder events, it will hurt your car and put a financial dent in the long run. Ideally, you should immediately have a mechanic look at it and proceed with either repair or replacement, You get to choose between used and new car transmissions.

Is Used Car Transmission Good

Is Used Car Transmission good?

Firstly, there are technically no new transmissions anymore. It's mostly rebuilt transmissions with manufacturers' warranties. Used transmissions sold in platforms like ours pretty much give you that. At Turbo Autoparts we have a 9-month free warranty, which you can upgrade for up to a small-cost three-year warranty. Besides there cost benefits the used transmissions bring are immense. You can afford to be back on the road under a tight budget. The installation costs and repair costs to be incurred in the future are also considerably low. It involves no new registrations to the current insurance policy.

Once you buy used transmissions from reputable portals like ours, you are in certain luck. We have a huge collection of manual as well as automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions require the driver to press the clutch and manually shift gears every time. The automatic transmission takes care of switching between gears. Getting a used transmission saves you a big chunk of cash when compared to buying a brand-new or remanufactured transmission. Moreover, it's convenient to track down a used transmission on our website, based on the make and model. We ensure you enjoy optimal rewards at zero risks.

Our inspection process

We are no strangers to the most daunting of automobile issues. We are no resellers trying to make quick bucks or rip-offs either. Unlike every portal you see on the internet, we are a team aiming to transform the industry. Our goal is to make car parts replacements as easy, safe, and trustworthy as ever. Turbo technical team goes the extra mile to get the used transmission in the best shape before fitting it into your car. Our inspecting and calibrating works are done meticulously. We cover you on all possible issues that may arise from replacing your car transmission. Let us explain our inspection process in brief.

For a car owner, it's ideal to have a spare transmission handy. Regardless of how you intend to use it, we follow a foolproof way to inspect transmission. If we have to explain it completely and sum it up in a few words, we pull every component apart and inspect your car transmission internally. We leave no boxes unchecked in knowing what to look for when inspecting transmissions. We shall explain the process to our reader's understanding in this section.

As soon as we acquire a used transmission, we clean it up before opening the casing. We do as much as we can to make your transmission shine like a brand-new transmission. Once the casing is opened, we take a close visual inspection of the inside. This needs hours of ripping apart of the components. We wash it all down for maintenance purposes and while we are at it, we wrap up the openings with water towels to prevent fluids from getting inside. Used transmissions from other cars usually come dirty. We wash down all grease marks and make it spotless for further quality control inspection. To make it visually appealing, our technicians paint it with some engine paint, when required.

Our engineers check on the age and model claims starting from its ears. The lines on the ear part of transmissions give away the model pretty accurately. We then get down to do some markings on areas that demand further testing. To start with, we check for stripped bolt holes, cracks, hairline cracks, and minor damages. From the speed sensor joint to every other component, we look closely at the bolt opening before the marking process.

The essential process is to check the working of the input shaft by the shift rod. The input shaft needs to spin on all gear settings. Rotating it counterclockwise gives resistance, but it is still supposed to spin smoothly. We work on shift rods to test spinning on all given gears as well as neutral. Any kind of rough grinding is a huge red flag, given the transmission should ideally be able to spin comfortably. We are all ears to any strange noise and pay close attention to ensure the transmissions won't stop. In case of trouble, we replace the input shaft bearing and likewise for all other components. We order whatever parts are needed to attain the perfect functioning of transmission. Additionally, it has to be suited for bodywork.

OUR Transmission


All Transmission covered by standard 90 days warranty

Extended warranty

Another unnoticed benefit to buying a used Transmission is the extended warranties. At Turbo Autoparts, we provide you with a free 9-month warranty. You can also upgrade for a 36-month warranty. In reality, we will be providing a free replacement, if in the unlikely case, the used Transmission fails. That is the sort of warranties you get only with used Transmission purchases. In addition, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee, when our Transmission fails. In addition to extended warranties, you also enjoy extended service coverage while purchasing a used car Transmission.

On the 'Find Used Autoparts', you enter the make, model, year, and other options and search for the perfect Transmission that suits you. You can find a list of matching Transmissions and pick one among them. You can complete your purchase through the website or by calling us at +1 888-378-8882. We will then take over and deliver the Transmission to your doorstep. It's fast delivery for all and a FREE one too for commercial addresses. That's how we eliminate the extra costs and downtime damages, you may incur otherwise. Purchasing a used car Transmission has never been simpler before.

Why us?

  • team

    Mechanical team

    Our team of engineers and experts do immense work in transforming the transmissions. Their quality control inspection process covers cleaning up, spotting issues, and replacing faulty components of the transmission. They are no strangers to even the bizarre transmission issues. They never fail to internally inspect the engine. Once worked upon, the transmission is all set to put another ton of thousands of miles on the road. Our team saves you from a bad transmission nonetheless. We never let our customers compromise on the quality of transmission. What we explained in the previous section is not even a speck of the meticulous inspection process that goes in. The bottom line is you have big boys to do the heavy lifting to solve your issue.

    With so many quick money-making resellers on peer-to-peer platforms, our engineers try the most to save you from a ripoff. Used transmissions are not everyday products to trade on P2P platforms. This requires tearing it up and inspecting it internally, and professionals who do that. If not for a thoroughly done inspection, it will prove a recipe for disaster. That is exactly where Turbo Autoparts come in to make your life easy. Unlike other broking services, we do not suggest you remanufacture or new transmissions to earn quick commissions. What our technical team provides is a solid trading system characterized by work ethic and honesty. We never allow an American to spend his/her extra bucks, when it's not necessary.

  • customer support

    Customer service

    With transmissions, every customer has tons of doubts. Our customer care helpline is there to answer all your queries, even the most basic of them. Our agents will guide you from purchase to applying warranties. With us, you bag a 9-month warranty by default and you can opt for a 3-year paid warranty too. Given it's super-low cost, it's one of the most sought-after deals in the auto scene. We inform you on applying warranties and provide installation and maintenance instructions immediately after delivering the transmission. We ensure, our customers are never kept in the dark.

    With so many variables involved with car transmissions, finding one to fit may become a daunting task. On top of that, we offer a multitude of deals, which may be intimidating. In times like this, our customer care executive is one call away. They help you with making the right choice for the given conditions. From completing orders to tracking deliveries to applying warranties to registering feedback, they help you with the entire process. We would like to enrich your major online shopping experience. The response time in now customer helpline is par excellence.

  • replacemtn item

    Replacement process

    Tying up with over 500 junkyards nationwide, we get you anything in car parts. Being in touch with the recyclers and auto part suppliers, we hulked up our inventory even further. With every part at our disposal, we create the best possible transmission for your car. Before we get into purchase, we conduct a thorough internal inspection. We check for the parts you will additionally need, as per the damage to your car. By searching on the portal alone, you can find tons of suitable transmissions. Shopping happens on our website 24x7 across time zones. Besides used car transmissions, we have all the cool parts that fix your car. The super low-priced deals are the cherry topping on the cake.

  • flat ship

    Free and fast shipping

    We offer free of cost delivery to commercial addresses throughout the United States. We charge a small amount in double figures for shipping to residential addresses. In both categories of addresses, we offer super-fast deliveries at the lowest possible cost. The transmission should be at your doorstep in 3 to 5 working days. We immediately follow that up with warranty and installation information. Our live chat agents will guide you through the process. You choose between a FREE 9-month warranty or an upgrade for a whopping 3-year warranty. Extended warranties are highly sought after in this market. It puts people at ease with the comfort of someone else covering all the risks.


  • Is it good to buy used car transmissions?

    Buying a used transmission is cost-effective and eco-friendly. It prevents a car and transmissions from entering landfills or fresh energy-intensive recycling processes. Moreover, there are technical. no brand new transmission. All are just rebuilt or remanufactured rigs with manufacturer warranty.

    Why should I buy used transmissions at Turbo Autoparts?

    Our experts conduct extensive quality check inspections on used transmissions. We clean them up, make them shine, ensure the smooth functioning of parts, and replace repaired components. We guarantee you another ton of smooth miles on the road. When we get a bad transmission, we accept we got a rough deal and consign it for the bin.

    Will I get the perfect used car transmission?

    Our impossibly huge collection even in the transmission section may confuse you a tad bit. However, with the help of search and our team, you can bag the best fit for you. Our experts help you get the best deals and the right fit according to the make, model, and condition of your car.

  • How long do used car transmissions last?

    Transmissions approved by use should easily last 150,,000 miles and more. We suppose you will follow installation and maintenance instructions. In the unlikely event of abrupt failure, we offer free replacement on transmission.

    How can I complete my purchase?

    Search for transmissions by inputting the make and model. Choose from the best deals available on our website. Our customer care will help you with completing the purchase. Our robust payment system keeps payment information and personal details secure.

    When will the transmission reach my doorstep?

    The transmission should reach you within 3-5 working days. We charge a small fee for delivery for residential addresses and offer FREE shipping for commercial addresses.

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They took the headache out of rebuilding our motor for us. Joe did a great job.


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I was nervous to buy an engine on line. I've heard a lot of bad stories but they got me a beautiful Infiniti qx80 engine in a timely manner and it's running great. I would use them again.


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Great customer service!! Good prices!! And very quick response! My new favorite place for parts!