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FREE and Fast Delivery in all of USA
FREE and Fast Delivery in all of USA
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Up to 36 Month Warranty on all Purchased Items
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Safe and Secure Payment System

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  • professinalism


    Our team will assist you in processing the order, delivering at the door, and claiming warranties.

  • expertise


    Our auto experts and engineers ensure minimal replacement and the lowest maintenance in the future.

  • reliable


    Our engineers inspect used car parts to the tiniest of detail to ensure a hassle-free consumer experience.

  • value


    Approved used vehicle parts ensure refined driving quality than brand-new automobile parts.


  • Is it a good choice to buy used transmission?

    For starters, buying used transmission costs a lot less on upfront. Tracking down what fits you is a simple, straightforward process in Turbo Autoparts. Moreover, our transmission specialists re-manufacture and rebuild transmissions during necessities.

    Why purchase used transmissions here?

    At Turbo Autoparts, we dedicate the time to test and inspect to every detail. If the items require a rebuild, our engineers do the needful. In case of irreparable transmissions, we never hesitate to discard it to trash. Additionally, we focus on used transmission parts and the minor components too.

    When is the time to replace transmission?

    Watching out for warning signs is the key to know when to change transmission. If you notice puddle formation when you take off, then it's likely you have a leaky transmission. In addition, delayed engagement from "P" to "D" gives it away.

    Why should you replace faulty transmission immediately?

    Firstly, it's dangerous to drive around with a slippery transmission. Transmission can slip between gears while driving. Besides creating further damage to the automobile, it puts your life in grave danger. Our call assistants are available to help you here.

    Are used car engines cost-effective?

    With lower upfront and even lower maintenance, old engines prove more economical than brand-new engines. Factoring in the potential future maintenance, the less you pay now means less to pay in the long run.

    Are used car engines reliable?

    With being in use for a long, older engines have a proven track record of reliability. On top of that, our engineers conduct extensive testing on all procurement at Turbo Autoparts. We consign faulty parts to bin to avoid costly downtime during your critical junctures.

    How compatible are older engines?

    Without a doubt, older engines fit seamlessly into the existing system, encompassing equipment and infrastructure. Contrary to beliefs, new engines mandate costly modifications and often in replacement of interconnected components.

  • Why use old engines instead of brand-new ones?

    Besides cost benefits, compatible spare parts are easy to find in the case of old engines that have been around for longer. The owner enjoys quick and easy replacements and eliminates any potential downtime.

    Is it easy to repair older engines?

    Simple design of older engines is easy to figure out, troubleshoot, and repair. It doesn't require advanced technical knowledge or specialized equipment to repair them. Besides easy repairs, there isn't much of the maintenance complexities as well.

    How familiar are operators with the older engines?

    As per studies, operators and maintenance professionals in the U.S. are more fluent with older engines. Owing to long-standing use, operators are ineptly capable of providing swift resolution in case of issues. Repairing doesn't require a detour of a learning curve and facilitates easy, efficient operations.

    Do older engines offer customization and modifications?

    Older engines offer more customization and modification since they have been in circulation for long. Post-purchase components and engine-specific upgrades are all the more available than in the case of new engines.

    Can you trust older engines for performance?

    Older engines, especially the ones that have created a name, carry tried-and-tested performances. Given any application or road condition, it's safer to rely on engines with established results to show for themselves. When you buy a new engine, you are in for a uncertainty, especially in matters of performance.

    Is there anything like historical significance to old engines?

    More than what we would've imagined, a lot of customers chose older engines for their historical and cultural value. It is for them, a way to connect with the past, preserve local heritage, and something equivalent to paying tribute to the technological accomplishments of their time.

    Do narrow requirements for older engines exist?

    Not all applications require or demand cutting-edge technologies of the latest and new engines. When advanced features prove superfluous, old engines offer more practicality. While fulfilling the needs adequately, old engines prove cost-effective and practical in the long run.

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Akeishia Newberry

A week ago

Purchased an engine March 2024, and everything is going great. Also great customer service. My engine was shipped and installed all in one week. Thank you Joe!!


Aaron Remaley

1 month ago

They took the headache out of rebuilding our motor for us. Joe did a great job.


Lucent Josephl

5 month's ago

I was nervous to buy an engine on line. I've heard a lot of bad stories but they got me a beautiful Infiniti qx80 engine in a timely manner and it's running great. I would use them again.


Jose Castillo

A week ago

Great customer service!! Good prices!! And very quick response! My new favorite place for parts!